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Jeff McBiceps - The VTuber Trainer

My name is Jeff McBiceps! I'm a certified personal trainer, the world's first virtual fitness coach, and VTuber with dreams to make immersive VR training possible! I'm also the trainer for a number of VTubers, as I understand the importance of protecting privacy as a virtual creator myself. My philosophy has always been that training and eating need to be not only effective, but fun and enjoyable to be sustainable. Let's smash your goals together!

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I'm proud to be offering VR training sessions, fitness programs, and other fitness related content!

General Prices (USD):

Individual Training Prices (USD):

Contact me at, Discord DMs, or Twitter DMs if interested! A waiver and health history form must be completed prior to any training sessions. If you are interested in 1 on 1 training sessions, we will meet (free) in a call once prior to the start/purchase of any training session package. Everyone is welcome!

Streaming and More!

I Stream 4 days per week

Saturdays: 2:00PM EST

Tuesdays: 6:00PM EST

Thursdays: 6:00PM EST

Fridays: 6:00PM EST


I Upload fitness content 3 times/week minimum on:

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